Monday, November 3, 2008

Most Scenic Toilets - Part 2

Quote from Part-1 : "An optimum estimation done with statistics shows that we are living over the closet 3 year per life. Most of us find it boring and read something, or play game with mobile PC or listen music. Some of us counts the floors on the wall. However, author Luce Barclay wants to see beatiful scenes while sitting over the closet. :) The following photos is from Barclay's investigation of best scenic toilets in the world. Here is the most scenic toilets in the world:"

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Boston Mountain Camp's toilet gives you opportunity to watch Johannesburg Mountains.

Hong Kong's most famous Bar's beatiful women can be watched from this toilet... Toilet has retrospective design.

Public toilet in Ireland's Croagh Patrick... Difficult to walk, difficult to go but east to ........ :)

This toilet is near Spider Rock in Arizona, USA. You can do your job in Chelly Valley with this scene.

Mumin Papa Cafe is a aquarium cafe in Japan... Be careful if the aquarium glass breaks :)

Singapour's Changi Airlines has a toilet, where the landing and take-off of aircrafts can be watched easily...

Dordogne River can bee seen from this toilet which is been in Chateu, France.

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Nice scenes while pissin :)